There are a few concerns being voiced by potential electric vehicle buyers including range anxiety and the charging infrastructure. However, a recent trans-continental trip should help assuage these concerns. The 70-day trip, which started in Alaska and finished in Argentina, was made by a 100 percent electric vehicle.

The SRZero made the trip as part of the Racing Green Endurance Challenge (RGE). The Challenge started well before the first day of the trip. In August 2009, the RGE team and Radical Sportscars joined forces to create the 400 bhp twin-motor, all-electric supercar at the London Imperial College in the U.K.

The SRZero made the trip on the longest road on Earth, the Pan American Highway. The 26,000-kilometer (16,156-mile) journey began in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay and ended in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. The team traveled through 14 countries including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. The team chronicled the journey on the RGE blog and has several videos available for viewing courtesy of Electric Adventures.

This isn’t the first eco-motoring epic road trip completed this year. In late August, Craig Henderson set out on a trip from Canada in his ultra fuel-efficient Avion. Henderson ended up completing the Canada-to-Mexico trip on a single tank of gas. The vehicle achieved an average fuel economy of 119.1 mpg during the trip, even higher than the 99-mpg equivalency rating recently given to the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

EV travels from Alaska to Argentina in 70 days
The SRZero electric vehicle recently finished a 70-day trip that started in Alaska and ended in Argentina.