FedEx already has more than 1,800 alternative fuel vehicles in its worldwide fleet. Today, the company announced the addition of four all-electric delivery trucks to their lineup. These trucks will begin parcel delivery service in the Los Angeles, Calif., region beginning in June. To celebrate the addition of these new trucks to their fleet, FedEx is launching a “Charge Up Route 66” tour today in Chicago with the unveiling of the first FedEx electric delivery truck.

Route 66 was not chosen by accident. This historical roadway helped foster inter-city commerce when it first opened up in the 1920s. Through its delivery service, FedEx also fosters inter-city commerce. The company also supports the creation of a program to “encourage affordable electrification of local transportation to foster more domestic energy production, less reliance on imported petroleum, and an overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.” Source: FedEx
The “Charge Up Route 66” tour ends at the Fortune Brainstorm: Green conference in Los Angeles in April. During the conference, Mitch Jackson, vice president of environmental affairs and sustainability at FedEx Corp, will feature the electric delivery truck in a presentation for conference attendees.

The vehicle being unveiled today in Chicago is made by Navistar and it was built in Indiana, one of the states most severely affected by the recent auto industry crisis. This won’t be the first all-electric Navistar FedEx truck put into service, though. The company already has several in operation in Europe including 10 in London and five on order for Paris.

One challenge that FedEx faced was commissioning a delivery truck with a driving range that would encompass an entire shift without the need to stop for a recharge. The Navistar has the ability to run for an entire eight-hour shift without needing to be recharged. This will allow the driver to be as efficient with his deliveries as he typically is but he is now able to do so with zero emissions.

The addition of the electric trucks to FedEx’s delivery fleet will help the company meet their green fleet goals. The company is targeting an overall fuel efficiency reduction of 20 percent by 2020. FedEx is home to the largest hybrid vehicle fleet in the industry and its hybrid fleet has traveled more than 5 million miles.

FedEx launches new electric truck initiative
FedEx announces that four all-electric trucks will begin parcel delivery service in Los Angeles in June 2010.