The robot apocalypse is here, in the form of drones delivering donuts.

Yes, that's right, technology may soon supplant the jobs of delivery drivers too. The first drone delivery in the United States approved by aviation officials has been made, thanks to drone startup Flirtey in collaboration with 7-Eleven. It successfully carried and dropped off a chicken sandwich, hot coffee and donuts from a 7-Eleven store in Reno, Nevada, reports

"This is just the first step in our collaboration with 7-Eleven. Flirtey's historic drone deliveries to date have been stepping stones to store-to-home drone delivery, and today is a giant leap toward a not-too-distant future where we are delivering you convenience on demand," said Flirtey CEO Matt Sweeny.

7-Eleven is only the beginning. Online giant Amazon is also working on a drone delivery program, and it's probably only a matter of time before the most ubiquitous of all delivery services catches on: pizza. In the long run, perhaps drones could even replace postal workers.

"Drone delivery is the ultimate convenience for our customers, and these efforts create enormous opportunities to redefine convenience," said Jesus Delgado-Jenkins, 7-Eleven's chief marketing officer.

The technology does leave open one pressing question, however. Do you still have to tip a drone?

Also, this could introduce a new hazard to delivery services that was never encountered with human drivers: interception by birds of prey. Imagine if this drone (in the video below) was carrying your pizza...

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First U.S.-approved drone delivery drops off donuts from 7-Eleven
First drone delivery in the U.S. approved by aviation officials is made by drone startup Flirtey in collaboration with 7-Eleven.