After Solyndra declared bankruptcy last year, many clean energy naysayers began to question if Fisker would be to the auto industry what Solyndra was to solar energy. Thankfully for electric vehicle enthusiasts, that prediction never came to be, and earlier this month the company received a bit of positive media attention after Justin Bieber’s manager gave the teen crooner a brand new Fisker Karma for his 18th birthday.

Unfortunately, the good news has been tempered by Consumer Reports, which revealed that a Fisker Karma unexpectedly died after completing a test drive at a track in East Haddam, Conn.’s The Bottom Line reveals that during the Consumer Reports test drive, a light on the dashboard came on. The vehicle, which was purchased anonymously from a Connecticut dealer, was able to complete the test drive but after it was parked, it would not restart.

David Champion, senior director of the Consumer Reports automotive test center, commented on the car’s failure saying, “The fact that it broke is not going to affect our testing. It is going to delay possibly getting our testing done if it keeps on breaking. It's just an unfortunate delay in our evaluation." Source: The Bottom Line

This is just the latest problem for Fisker, which has had a rough few months. In December 2011, the company announced a recall of the Karma due to a battery defect. The company also underwent a management change with the February announcement that Tom LaSorda would replace Henrik Fisker as the new Fisker CEO.

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Fisker Karma dies after a Consumer Reports test drive
Despite Justin Bieber's name being associated with the Fisker Karma, the automaker has hit another rough patch.