Ford Motor Company is preparing to enter the domestic plugin hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) market with the fall release of the new C-MAX Energi. Owners of the new PHEV can expect a 550-mile driving range, including more than 20 miles of electric only driving. This puts the upcoming C-MAX Energi ahead of both the Chevy Volt, with a 379-mile driving range, and the 540-mile range of the Toyota Prius plug-in.


The C-MAX Energi is equipped with a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine and an advanced lithium ion battery pack capable of producing a total of 188 system horsepower. The larger battery pack in the Energi model allows the vehicle to operate more than 20 miles in electric only driving mode.


Drivers will have the opportunity to choose when to use this electric-only range by pushing either the “EV Now” or “EV Later” button. If no selection is made, the vehicle will operate in a blended mode.


The ability to choose when to use the electric only mode helps drivers get the most mileage out of the vehicle. Drivers can select EV Now while in an optimal driving situation, like a city street commute, and select EV Later once the commute transitions to a freeway. With an approximate range of 550 miles per tank of gas, the C-MAX Energi has a combined city/highway fuel economy of 95 MPGe.


If a 550-mile driving range doesn’t entice consumers into purchasing the Ford C-MAX Energi then perhaps the price tag will. Ford announced that the C-MAX Energi is the most affordable plug-in hybrid in the nation with an MSRP of $33,745. This drops down to $29,995 after the $3,750 federal tax credit is applied. As an added bonus, some states and municipalities also offer tax credits to further offset the price of a PHEV.


“The Ford C-MAX Energi is within financial reach for those who want a hybrid, but is also something customers will want to reach for because of its unique look and amazing value,” said Michael O’Brien, Ford electrified vehicle marketing manager. “It offers exceptional fuel economy, better features and a better price tag than a Prius plug-in hybrid, which we think will help make C-MAX Energi one of our most attractive vehicles for import customers.”


Ford’s innovations have enabled the company to offer best in class driving range at a lower price point than its competitors. On Friday, July 27 at 1:00 pm EDT Ford is hosting a webinar to discuss how innovations in green manufacturing can support a company’s business success. Registration for the webinar, Blueprint for Sustainability: Green Manufacturing with Ford, is free.

Ford C-MAX Energi delivers best in class driving range
Ford's upcoming plug-in hybrid can deliver 550 miles of driving pleasure on a single tank of gas.