Although General Motors has been displaying the 2011 Chevrolet Volt at auto shows and other events across the country for some time, the company formally introduced the vehicle on 10/10/10. A Sunday press release from General Motors was chock full of details about the upcoming plug-in electric vehicle including a comprehensive list of features, details about the different warranty limits and more.

GM has already revealed that pricing for the 2011 Chevy Volt starts at $41,000 before a federal tax credit. Now interested consumers can get a better idea of what they will get for their money. Owners of the first mass-produced plug-in electric vehicle with a range-extended onboard engine will be able to drive 25 to 50 miles in zero-emissions electric only mode and then additional 310 miles on a full tank of gas. This makes the vehicle ideal for trips around town as well as trips around the state.

The Chevy Volt battery can be charged in 10-12 hours using a 120V outlet and approximately four hours using a 240V outlet. Chevy recently announced that a $490 240V charging unit would be available through one of its suppliers. The supplier, SPX Service Solutions, is already prepared to take orders for home charger installations once customers receive confirmation of their Chevy Volt order.

The Chevy Volt battery is backed by a full eight-year/100,000 mile warranty. The vehicle is also covered by Chevrolet’s three-year/36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper coverage, a five-year/100,000 mile roadside assistance and courtesy transportation policy, limited gas engine coverage for five-years/100,000 miles and corrosion protection coverage for six-years/100,000 miles.

While the Volt’s engine has received the bulk of attention from car enthusiasts, the vehicle is also equipped with a noteworthy infotainment system including a navigation radio system with a 60GB hard drive, 30GB of music storage space, voice recognition, Bluetooth communication, XM Satellite Radio, an energy-saving Bose audio system and a five year subscription to GM’s OnStar Directions and Connections service.

The OnStar system will automatically alert a live advisor in the event of a collision; if needed, the advisor can immediately request emergency help. The OnStar system is available in most new Chevy’s but GM is taking safety to a new level with the Volt. GM’s attention to safety led to the inclusion of a rather unique feature on the Chevy Volt, a driver-activated sound feature.

The lack of sound in electric vehicles, or hybrids running in electric only mode, has been a concern for some time. GM partnered with the American Federation of the Blind to create a driver-activated sound feature that can alert pedestrians of the vehicle’s presence. This allows drivers to still enjoy the quiet ride delivered by an electric vehicle while giving them an option to audibly alert pedestrians if the situation warrants a notification.

The Chevy Volt will be available in select markets later this year. Although Chevrolet released a bevy of details about the new Volt, customers are still waiting on one very important piece of information – the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The vehicle is just a few short months away from making an appearance in Chevrolet dealerships but the company, and the public, is still waiting on official EPA fuel efficiency estimates.

GM formally introduces the Chevy Volt
On 10/10/10 General Motors formally introduced the Chevrolet Volt with a comprehensive list of features, warranty limits and more.