While there are many associated benefits to biking and/or using public transportation, getting a discount at your local brothel has never been one of them.

Until now.

Taking advantage of a more eco-concious world, a brothel in Germany has decided to offer discounts to any customer who arrives via either bike or public transportation. From their website:

"The Maison d'Envie offers one major advantage over other establishments: it is perfectly accessible by public transport. Both S-and U-Bahn stations are within walking distance and well-maintained bicycle paths also allow for a more environmentally friendly journey. And because we want to reward your green commitment, we have – and it's unique in Berlin – an environmental discount."
"The recession has hit our industry hard," owner Thomas Goetz told Reuters. "Obviously we hope that the discount will attract more people. It's good for business, it's good for the environment – and it's good for the girls."

Clients who take advantage of the offer will receive a €5 "eco" discount off the regular 45-minute price of €70 -- or for those with less time on their hands, on the €30 15-minute session.

For some odd reason known only to "brothel industry-insiders", there is no discount off the 60-minute session, though I hear if you whisper "carbon credits" or "Al Gore" during foreplay, you get a free reusable mug.

Source: Reuters

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German brothel offering discount to environmentally conscious bikers.