Automakers revealed their September 2010 monthly sales figures and it was a good month for Honda hybrids. Last month, the only mainstream hybrid that saw a year-over-year increase was the Honda Civic Hybrid. The eco-friendly Civic continued the sales growth trend during September.

American Honda reported that 667 Civic Hybrids were sold in September 2010; this represents a 338.8 percent increase over the prior year when the company only sold 152 units.

Honda’s newest hybrid, the sporty CR-Z posted sales of 1,236 units in September 2010. September was the first full month that the CR-Z was available for purchase and sales nearly doubled from the vehicle’s debut month.

While Honda fans were busy snatching up Civic and CR-Z hybrids, Honda Insight sales lagged a bit. American Honda reported sales of 1,679 Insights in September 2010, down from 2,030 the month prior and fewer than the 1,746 units sold during the same time period in 2009.

Overall, Honda sold 3,582 hybrids during September 2010. While this was a good month for Honda hybrid sales, its still nowhere near Toyota’s hybrid numbers. The Toyota Prius continues to reign supreme with 11,394 units sold in September 2010. This is up 3.7 percent from the 10,984 units sold in September 2009 but down from the 11,799 Priuses sold last month.

Toyota got off to a rocky start in 2010 with numerous high profile recalls as well as reports of runaway Priuses. Despite the shaky start, year-to-date Toyota Prius sales are only slightly off the 2009 pace. Toyota has sold 103,334 Prius through September 2010, down one percent from the 104,794 sold during the first nine months of 2009.

Overall Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. sold 14,871 hybrids during the month, 13,021 in the Toyota division and 1,850 in the Lexus division. This is up two percent from September 2009 but slightly lower than August 2010 sales.

In just a few short months the Toyota Prius will be facing new competition in the alternative fuel vehicle market, namely the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. The Prius didn’t seem to take much of a hit in sales after the release of the Honda CR-Z hybrid. Auto enthusiasts will be closely watching sales to see if the availability of these two new EVs will have much of an affect on Prius sales.

Honda hybrid sales increase during September
Honda hybrid sales increased during September 2010 including a 338 percent increase for the Civic.