Hybrid Ferrari. The phrase almost sounds like an oxymoron. However, a hybridized Ferrari 599 concept will be on the floor of the 80th International Geneva Motor Show, which runs from March 4-14, 2010. Although the concept will appear at the auto show, Ferrari’s Amedeo Felisa is saying that a production model is at least five years out.

In an article that appears on the British-based Autocar website, Felisa said, “The technology is not ready. The suppliers are not ready. Everything is underdeveloped. There is a lot of work to so. It is not for tomorrow. We haven’t decided when [it will be introduced]. It will be around 2015, but not before five years.” Source: Autocar

A Ferrari 599 hybrid model has been in testing for about one year. The vehicle is showing a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption but that comes with an increase in weight. While a Ferrari hybrid is going to have a smaller impact on the environment, at its core it is still a Ferrari, and Ferraris are known for their performance. This increase in weight may be a deal breaker for Ferrari enthusiasts.

Although the hybrid Ferrari market is at least five years out, the company will continue to work on the technology and plans to release a hybrid model at some point. Fans of electric super cars like the Tesla Roadster will have to hold out even longer if they expect an electric version of a Ferrari. The company currently has no plans to explore EV technology, going so far as to call electric vehicles a marketing solution instead of a true global warming solution.

Photo: Bryan Mitchell/Getty Images

Hybrid Ferrari: Not before 2015
Ferrari lovers who want a more environmentally friendly super car are going to have to wait at least 5 years for a hybrid model.