The future of personal mobility vehicles may come in the shape of an egg if Korean automaker Hyundai has any say in the matter.  Hyundai unveiled an egg-shaped bright yellow personal mobility vehicle, named the E4U, at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show.  The name E4U comes from the four E-words that describe the personal mobility vehicle: egg, evolution, electricity and eco-friendliness.   

Designed for a single rider, the E4U is equipped with a 500W, 24V battery that can travel at speeds up to about 19 miles per hour.  The ultra-light unit only weighs 80kg (about 176 pounds) and that includes the weight of the battery.

At just over three feet wide, the E4U is the perfect vehicle for cramped urban areas. Although it is narrow when in full operational mode, the E4U can be quickly disassembled to make it even narrower. The rear legs can be folded in and the side parts can be detached, reducing required parking space.

The E4U concept was the result of Hyundai’s annual design challenge, the IDEA festival.  Since 2010, Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D Center has hosted the contest, which is designed to challenge Hyundai engineers to look at the future of transportation.  

Hyundai debuts E4U urban mobility vehicle in Seoul
The hit of the Seoul Motor Show may be Hyundai’s egg-shaped take on personal mobility, the E4U.