If you're one of those, shall we say... monetarily-endowed, individuals waiting with bated breath to drop a hundred grand on the Tesla Roadster next year, you may want to consider the somewhat quirkier (and slightly pricier) electric car available right now from Hammacher Schlemmer.

While the $108,000 two-seater is tiny, it's also impressive. It can accelerate from zero to 60 in four seconds and has a top speed of 120 mph (these stats are comparable to the Tesla's). And with a length of 60 inches, it can park perpendicular to the curb, eliminating the need to parallel park.

Of course its 40-80 mile range makes it more of an in-town vehicle, and its low sexiness-to-expensiveness quotient might not win over status seekers. However, it does have one major advantage: immediate availabilty.

Story by Jacquelyn Lane. This article originally appeared in Plenty in September 2006. This story was added to MNN.com in July 2009.

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Instant gratification
Hammacher Schlemmer's electric car is more expensive than the Tesla Roadster, but is available immediately.