Eco-conscious sports car enthusiasts who don’t want to shell out $120,000 for an all-new Tesla Roadster now have another option — a three-year lease with an option to buy. Tesla Motors recently announced the availability of a lease option with prices starting at $1,658 per month.

The Tesla Roadster lease option is only available in the United States and is a traditional three-year, 30,000-mile lease. At the end of the lease term, customers can either purchase the Roadster from Tesla or pay the turn-in fee and any applicable wear and tear fees and walk away.

Unlike most traditional lease packages that require customers go to a dealership for service, customers who lease a Tesla Roadster can take advantage of the company’s mobile service plan. The Tesla Rangers come to the customer for inspections, upgrades, and basic service needs.

In anticipation of their new lease program, Tesla Motors pre-ordered a handful of Roadsters and these cars are available to lease at locations across the country. For more information on the new Tesla Roadster lease option, contact Tesla Motors at (650) 413-6300.

On a related note, Tesla owners in California will soon be able to take a zero-emission drive from San Francisco all the way to Los Angeles thanks to a donated charging station. The distance between San Francisco and Los Angeles is about twice the range of the Roadster, and planning the trip was problematic.

Thanks to Earl Cox, a Tesla Roadster owner himself, this trip will soon be easier to plan. Cox donated a Tesla Home Charger to Harris Ranch, a restaurant, country store, and Inn located in Coalinga, Calif. The location is about the halfway point between the two cities. Roadster owners can now take advantage of the four-hour recharge that will ultimately get them to their destination.

Lease a Tesla Roadster today
Tesla Motors announces a new lease option for its electric supercar -- only $1,658 per month.