Tesla Motors has delivered more than one thousand $100,000+ electric supercars to customers across the nation. The company recently had a better than expected initial public offering and is gaining fans everywhere, except at Motor Trend. One Motor Trend writer lays out all that is wrong with Tesla and the company's vision and favors the upcoming Chevy Volt over the electric supercar.

In an Aug. 15 editorial, Angus MacKenzie states:

“The Chevy Volt is a thoughtful, innovative, technically advanced vehicle; the prototypes we've driven confirm it cleverly combines the best attributes of an electric motor and the gasoline internal-combustion engine. Disruptive technology? Sorry, Elon, there's more at GM than Tesla.” Source: Motor Trend

MacKenzie has several issues with the Tesla Roadster and the car company as a whole. The company only had 110 orders for the Roadster at the time of its IPO, admits that there is no full production prototype of the Model S sedan (which is supposed to be released in 2012), and needs to purchase 2,400 Roadster chassis from Lotus by the end of next year or face stiff penalties.

The company has only sold just more than 1,000 vehicles and with the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf — two much more affordable EVs, hitting the streets late this year and early next — the Roadster will be facing some serious competition. Granted, neither the Volt nor the Leaf has the supercar feel that the Roadster has, but for buyers looking for a great electric vehicle at a good price, the Roadster just can’t compete.

Although MacKenzie isn’t choosing Tesla as the winner in the electric vehicle battle, many investors feel that Tesla is a good bet. In a down economy, exceeding IPO expectations is challenging and that is exactly what Tesla did. Will the funds raised during the IPO help Tesla get a full production prototype Model S built? If the Tesla Model S makes it to production status on time, will it change the minds of those who share MacKenzie’s views? Only time will tell. In the interim, the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are left to battle it out.

Motor Trend writer favors the Volt over Tesla
Although the Tesla Roadster is already on the streets of America, one Motor Trend writer favors the upcoming Chevy Volt over the electric supercar.