With news of the BP oil spill in the Gulf making headlines on a daily basis, oil is on everyone’s minds. What may not be on your mind is an oil change for your car. Every 3,000 miles you dutifully go to the local service center and get your oil changed — but what if you never had to change your oil again? That would be nice.

What if you could skip future oil changes and increase your fuel economy? That would be even better. A product called the Electro-Lube Oil Refiner may help you eliminate oil changes forever and improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency at the same time.

Although you may have never heard of the Electro-Lube Oil Refiner, it has been used for decades. The product was launched in the 1970s and has been used in tugboats and merchant marine ships for years. However, the product can be used in commercial vehicles, cars, delivery vans, and just about anything else that uses oil.

The product is attached to the engine where it then cleans the oil for continual use. The refiner removes solid particles, prevents the accumulation of water in the oil, and neutralizes acid. This leads to a longer engine life and increased fuel efficiency, with autos utilizing the refiner realizing a 3 to 4 percent improvement in fuel economy.

Although this product can help consumers save money, it can have an even more noticeable impact when integrated into a corporate fleet. The reduction in fuel consumption, oil consumption, and used motor oil waste can be significant over the life of the vehicle. When you compound these reductions by the number of vehicles in a fleet, the savings can be significant.

The average price is around $600, plus shipping, taxes, fittings and hoses. It also needs filter repacks, which are changed every 25,000 miles or 500 hours. Currently, Electro-Lube provides installation services only on fleet vehicles. AG Van & Truck Equipment company has partnered with Electro-Lube Green to help get the refiner installed in more commercial fleets and to bring the product to the streets of America. The product is available with installation instructions through AG Van at 800-638-8818.
Never change your oil again
Installing an oil refiner may let car owners eliminate oil changes forever.