Now that General Motors has ramped up production of the Chevy Volt, sales are following suit. In October, the company sold 1,108 Volts making it the best month ever for sales of the range-extended electric vehicle. General Motors expects the growth in sales to continue as it prepares to deliver the Chevy Volt to 2,600 dealerships in all 50 states by the end of the year.


Another fuel-efficient Chevy model, the Sonic, also had a good month. General Motors sold 3,833 Chevy Sonics during the vehicle’s second month on the market. GM also expects sales of the Sonic to continue to grow in the coming months.


While October was a good month for Chevy sales, the big question asked by eco-friendly motoring fans is how is the Chevy Volt vs. Nissan Leaf battle going? Although Nissan had a leg up on the Volt due to the production halt, the Volt was the winner in October. Nissan reported sales of 849 Leaf electric vehicles during the month, bringing the company’s total sales of the model to 8,066 units since the Leaf’s debut in December 2010.


The other big player in the market is the best-selling Toyota Prius. Although it is not an electric vehicle, it continues to be the most popular hybrid on the market and soon a plug-in hybrid version of the Prius will be available.


In October 2011, a total of 11,008 Toyota Priuses were sold, bringing the year-to-date total up to 104,251 units. Despite the earthquake and tsunami that wreaked havoc on the Japanese coast, the Toyota Prius continues its reign as the best-selling hybrid in America.

October was a great month for Chevy Volt sales
General Motors sold more than 1,100 Chevy Volts in October.