The all-electric Renault Twizy urban vehicle is making its way into the Paris firefighting brigade. Beginning next month, a prototype Twizy will be used by Paris firefighter first responders as an early intervention tool, providing the emergency response team with an easily maneuverable vehicle that can quickly get to the scene of a fire.


Modifications have been made to the Renault Twizy that will allow firefighters to get the most use out of the vehicle. The rear seat of the specially designed Twizy has been replaced with a trunk. The trunk space will be used to store emergency equipment including fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks, a fire suit, a helmet and a first aid kit.


Claire Petit Boulanger, a safety officer at Renault, commented on the prototype project, “This initial prototype is real-life proof of the research and development work carried out together with the emergency services, demonstrating Renault’s ability and determination to innovate to meet the needs of firefighters.” Source: Renault


The eight-month long prototype project kicks off in November in Paris. The prototype Renault Twizy won’t just be used to respond to incidents, fire brigade staff will also use it as they work on temporary safety installations like those that are setup for New Year’s Eve and other holidays. If the test period is successful, the Paris firefighter brigade may launch a fleet of electric vehicles.

Paris firefighters will test Renault Twizy
The firefighter brigade will use the all-electric urban vehicle as an early intervention tool.