Oscar Mayer has the Wienermobile and Planters has the Nutmobile. While the Wienermobile may be the more well-known of these two iconic vehicles, the Nutmobile is greener. Planters recently unveiled the new biodiesel-powered Nutmobile.

Planters went beyond biodiesel, though, and implemented several eco-friendly features on the new vehicle. The Planters Nutmobile is equipped with solar panels on the roof and a wind turbine to help provide energy to the vehicle during its tour stops; the windshield is made out of 100 percent recycled glass and the window frames were recycled from Ford vehicles. The environmentally conscious features extend to the interior of the peanut-shaped vehicle, including LED lighting and reclaimed wood floors.

The new Planters Nutmobile made a celebrity-studded appearance at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party in Los Angeles last night. James Cameron, James Van Der Beek and Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep’s daughter) were just a few of the celebrities who were able to tour the new ride.

The debut of the new Nutmobile is part of the company’s “Naturally Remarkable” campaign. The project will transform currently vacant land in four U.S. cities into new peanut-shaped urban parks. Each park will feature native flora, locally reclaimed materials and a statue of Mr. Peanut sitting on a park bench.

The Corps Networks will be building each of the parks, which will be known as Planters Groves. The first four Planters Groves will be built in New Orleans, Washington, D.C.; San Francisco and New York City.

Sally Prouty, president and CEO of The Corps Network, discusses the importance of community involvement in projects like this:

“Today more than ever, it is important that we all come together to make a collective impact in our communities. We are excited to be working with Planters, our local member Corps and community partners and believe our work together will serve as a model of public/private partnerships.” Source: Planters

Residents of the four communities receiving a Planters Grove park will be able to take a peek at the new more eco-friendly Planters Nutmobile as it tours the nation. To keep track of when the vehicle will be in your area, visit the Mr. Peanut Facebook Page.

Planters unveils the biodiesel-powered Nutmobile
Keep an eye out for the famous biodiesel-powered, peanut-shaped vehicle.