The Tesla Roadster electric supercar is in the middle of an around the world Odyssey of Pioneers tour. On Thursday, the tour made a stop in Moscow and the Tesla Roadster was granted permission to park in Moscow’s famed Red Square. Parking in this iconic location does not come easy. The Tesla Roadster is actually the first vehicle without Russian components to receive clearance to park in Red Square.

“The Roadster is an iconic and ground-breaking car, so it’s appropriate that it made history in such a poignant way,” said Tesla technician Luke McClure, who is driving the Roadster across three continents. “It was humbling to be granted the honor of parking in Russia’s most hallowed ground – and at the same time we have been mobbed by fans excited to see the Roadster in person.” Source: Tesla Motors

The Tesla Roadster is an all-electric vehicle with a 236-mile driving range and a 0-60 mph time of 3.9 seconds. The Roadster has already covered 5,000 kilometers through the first six legs of this tour. In order to keep the vehicle on the road, the vehicle was charged using conventional outlets and existing infrastructure. There has been no need for a custom recharging station.

Tesla Motors and watchmaker TAG Heuer are sponsoring the Odyssey of Pioneers tour. The tour began on March 4, 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland and wraps up in Paris, France in late September. Moscow was the sixth leg of the journey and the tour is now on its way to Delhi, India with an expected arrival date of May 17, two days ahead of schedule.

After visiting Delhi, the tour will head to Beijing and Shanghai, China and then to Tokyo, Japan. In late July, the Odyssey of Pioneers tour will begin its North American leg starting in Los Angeles, California and then heading to Miami, Florida and New York City.

Prime parking: Tesla Roadster parks in Moscow's Red Square
During the Russian leg of the Odyssey of Pioneers tour, the Tesla Roadster received clearance to park in Moscow’s famed Red Square.