Several Smart car owners in San Francisco awoke Monday morning to find their cars flipped over onto their front or rear ends.

Four tipped cars were found in multiple Bay Area neighborhoods in what police are calling an act of vandalism.

However, police say they don't know if the incidents are simply a prank or evidence of escalating tensions among city residents who blame the tech industry for San Francisco's rising cost of living.

The car tippings have caused shattered windows and body damage to the two-seater cars.

According to one witness, it took eight people to flip one car.

Although no reports of Smart car vandalism have been reported in the area until recently, the lightweight vehicles have been the targeted in other parts of the world.

The first report of Smart car tipping occurred in Canada in 2005, and the cars have frequently been pushed into canals in Amsterdam.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Smart car vandalism in San Francisco.

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Smart car tipping: Prank or political statement?
San Francisco residents have recently reported multiple incidents of the lightweight cars being flipped over on city streets.