General Motors is continuing to ramp up for the first deliveries of the production level Chevy Volt in just about a month. Part of the process includes identifying strategic partners for a variety of services including 240V home charging stations as well as workplace and public charging stations. Envision Solar International, Inc. recently announced that they have been chosen by General Motors to supply CleanCharge solar powered charging stations for the Chevy Volt.

The CleanCharge solar powered electric vehicle charging stations will be integrated into the company’s EnvisionTrak Solar Trees at select locations. Currently installations are planned at General Motor’s Warren Technical Center and the Milford Proving Ground.

Envision Solar’s Solar Trees include tracking technology that allows the solar canopy to follow the sun as it travels across the sky each day. The Solar Trees are 20 to 25 percent more productive than comparable solar arrays without tracking technology. These solar powered charging stations will allow Chevy Volt owners to charge their vehicle with renewable energy instead of relying solely on the local electrical grid.

“GM is committed to reducing carbon emissions and reliance on petroleum,” said Tom Stephens, GM vice chairman, global product operations. “We chose Envision Solar because its clean charging infrastructure allows us to maximize the environmental benefits of our electric vehicles through the use of clean renewable energy and further demonstrates our commitment to the proliferation of sustainable EV charging infrastructure.”

Although General Motors is gearing up for the Volt’s dealership debut, the company is facing a rather prominent distraction – the controversy over the vehicle’s electric drive system. Despite this information snafu on GM’s part, there is definitely excitement in the air for the upcoming Chevy Volt launch.

Solar EV charging for the Chevy Volt
Envision Solar will supply solar electric vehicle charging stations for the upcoming Chevy Volt.