MTV is known for stretching the boundaries of acceptable television, but a recent snafu by the network is putting General Motors in a tough spot. During the premiere of MTV’s controversial new show "Skins," the network mistakenly aired two Chevy Volt ads. After seeing the ads on the show, General Motors was flooded with e-mails from concerned citizens.

The backlash extended beyond the e-mails, however. The Parents Television Council (PTC), a watchdog organization that is spearheading a campaign to get the show off the air, called for a boycott of General Motors after seeing the advertisements.

Thankfully MTV was quick to publicly acknowledge that the snafu was on their end, which put GM back in the PTC’s good graces.

“PTC also thanks General Motors for swiftly responding to PTC members’ concerns about Chevy Volt advertisements," PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement released to FOX411. “GM told PTC that ‘Skins’ was on its ‘do not buy’ list on MTV, and that MTV admitted placing the Chevy commercial on ‘Skins’ in error. GM also stated that MTV had apologized for its error.” Source: Fox News

GM is ramping up advertising for the Chevy Volt, and there are rumors of Volt ads running during GM’s massive Super Bowl campaign. However, it is obvious that GM’s target demographic with the Volt is not the same demographic that would watch"Skins," and the airing of the ads was an obvious error on MTV’s part.

The Chevy Volt advertising oops
MTV mistakenly ran a Chevy Volt ad during the network's highly controversial Skins show.