Bikers are taking back the streets of NYC, but one of them is doing it with a platform and a pole dancer in tow. Andrew Katzander is the brainchild of PoleRiders, New York’s hottest show on two wheels.

The description on their website pretty much explains it all: “PoleRiders is a new invention that unites two great things that are even better together: bicycles and pole dancers!”

Time Out New York says, “Though it started merely as a fun idea, PoleRiders has become a second job for Katzander, who's an industrial designer by day. In addition to catching regular joy rides, you can book them for special events.”

How is this public stripping even close to legal? Because it’s not stripping.

Via the New York Post: "It's all legal. The cops can't really stop us — I'm riding my bike and she's exercising," said Katzander of flash dancer Marlo Fisken, 25, who is a pole-dancing teacher. "I'm not a stripper. Because you have high heels and you're on a pole, it doesn't mean you're doing anything raunchy," she said. "It's fun, and it's a little bit exhibitionist."

What does that mean? Mommy and daddy can rest at ease. These PoleRiders are just scantily clad dancers; they don’t even get partially nude. Sure, they’re in lingerie and fishnet stockings, but you’re going to see more than that at the pool or the beach, aren’t you?

The PoleRiders are liable to pop up anywhere around NYC, day or night, so keep your eyes peeled. If you see a crowd of people rushing out of a bar or gathering on the sidewalk and staring in bewilderment, there's a good chance that the PoleRiders are cruising by.

Check the PoleRiders’ blog for up-to-date pictures and commentary. You can catch their next scheduled ride in the NYC Village Halloween Parade.

See, and you thought biking wasn’t sexy… 

The pedicab pole dancers of NYC
What's better than going on a bike ride? A ride in a pedicab. What's better than a pedicab? A pedicab with pole dancers on the back.