Toyota’s best-selling hybrid, the Prius, is getting a few new car friends and the once standalone Toyota Prius is now part of the Prius family. The third-generation Toyota Prius is available now at retailers across the nation and the roomier Prius v will be available this fall. In spring 2012 the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid and Prius c Concept vehicles will be officially joining the new Prius family.

So what are multiple Toyota Prius models to be called? The public voted earlier this year and the winning plural term was Prii. Prii received 25 percent of the approximately 1.8 million votes. Other contenders included Prius (24 percent), Priuses (20 percent), Prien (18 percent) and Prium (13 percent).

Toyota’s media campaign for the new Toyota Prius family includes a website dedicated to current and future Prius models. Website visitors can learn more about each of the different Prii, read about the hybrid roller coaster project and find out how Toyota technology is being repurposed via the Ideas for Good campaign.

Toyota introduces the Prius family
Toyota introduces the Prius family to America with a fun new media campaign.