The Toyota Prius isn’t just the best-selling hybrid in the nation, it is the best-selling car in California according to the California New Car Dealers Association. In 2012, the state received 60,688 new Toyota Prius registrations, not including fleet sales, commercial customers, the government and rental car companies. The Prius edged out the Honda Civic, which reported 57,124 new car registrations last year.

Toyota vehicles actually secured four of the top 10 spots in 2012 (Source: LA Times):

  1. Toyota Prius – 60,688
  2. Honda Civic -57,124
  3. Toyota Camry – 50,250
  4. Honda Accord – 49,420
  5. Toyota Corolla – 38,037
  6. Honda CR-V – 29,055
  7. Ford F-Series – 25,434
  8. Nissan Altima – 23,706
  9. Hyundai Sonata – 22,012
  10. Toyota Tacoma – 21,935
In 2012, Toyota sold 236,659 Prii nationwide.  This was an increase of 73.4 percent over the 2011 figure of 136,463.  California Toyota Prius sales accounted for more than 25 percent of total domestic sales last year.  

Looking specifically at Toyota figures, the Prius was the automaker’s third best-selling vehicle behind the nation’s best-selling vehicle, the Toyota Camry.  Toyota sold 404,886 Camrys in 2012 with the Toyota Corolla coming in second with 290,947 units sold.

Breaking down the Prius numbers even further, the original Prius is hands-down the most popular model in the Prius family.  In 2012, Toyota sold 147,507 Toyota Prius sedans; this is more than half of all Prius model sales.  The roomier Toyota Prius V came in second with 40,669 sales while the Prius c (35,733 units) and Prius Plug-in Hybrid (12,750) round out the list.

Toyota Prius: Best-selling car in California
The California New Car Dealers Association reports that the Toyota Prius was the best-selling car in California in 2012.