Some people love trains enough to build elaborate miniature railroads in their basements. Others take it further than that — much further — by building actual working DIY trains, and then taking them on joyrides on the public rail system.

Six train enthusiasts were busted in Germany for doing just that, though their homemade “train” was just a platform made out of park benches and salvaged train parts.

Adorned with a trash can on one side, the “loco”motive also boasted a beer crate full of refreshments next to the conductor’s seat.

The train buffs might have gotten away with their carefully planned trip, which was carried out on tracks where no trains were scheduled, if their unorthodox ride hadn’t been spotted and reported by residents in the town of Erfut.

Police had to call in a helicopter to follow the ramshackle open-air train car, which was powered by an electric motor, since they couldn’t drive their cars along the tracks.

Once stopped by a makeshift barrier, the six men were arrested on public safety charges.

"It seems to be one of those mad pub ideas that actually happened. They didn't seem to realize they could have caused a serious accident if they'd got anywhere near a real train," one of the officers said.

Upcycled DIY train lands six men in jail
Train buffs take their passion a step too far with a joyride in Germany in their ramshackle open-air rail car.