Some people build tiny spaceships out of LEGOs, some build body parts. Some build jack-o’-lanterns, Frank Lloyd Wright models and even pancake-making robots out of the plastic toy bricks; but LEGO lord Raul Oaida may have outdone them.

The 20-year-old Romanian mastermind employed some 500,000 LEGOs to build a full-sized car that can be driven on the road. Aside from some structural parts, the whole shebang was made from the plastic pieces. At the heart of the Super Awesome Micro Project are four radial engines with 256 pistons that run on compressed air.

The wheels were set in motion, so to speak, in April 2012 when Oaida's partner, Melbourne-based entrepreneur Steve Sammartino, initiated fundraising via Twitter. All told, 40 fellow entrepreneurs agreed to pitch in to the cause. After 20 months in the making, the car was shipped from Romania to Australia for its unveiling and test drive, where it performed remarkably well. It can only travel at speeds of 12 to 17 miles per hours, but who would be comfortable traveling any faster in a car made of small plastic toys?

The two say their LEGO phase is over, but they plan to continue working together in the future. In fact, you can follow Oaida's and Sammartino's Twitter feeds to keep abreast of other genius projects the dynamic duo may have up their sleeves.

See the car in all of its lovely leisurely LEGO glory in the video below:

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