Well-known environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. and his friend Jeff Goldblum offer their tips for helping the environment in this installment of Ecollywood. (Video by Gerri Miller)



Ed Begley, Jr.: Ed Begley green tip for the day: weather stripping around your doors and windows. Get it at Home Depot or any home supply store. You can save a lot of energy and a lot of money.

Jeff Goldblum: Hello, my name is Jeff Goldblum and congratulations that you are tuned in to this lovely network. I recommend that you find out what Ed Begley is doing. He’s my good friend and whatever he’s doing for the environment, you take a page out of his book. There are many things you can do. You know, we both drive Priuses and energy efficient cars. You can do things with your light bulbs and recycling…
I am also involved in this group called Oceana. Look that up. Google that and you’ll get an eyeful. And it will set your brain aflame with things that you can do and if you want to be involved. And it has to do with cleaning up with oceans, which are closely linked to planetary health. So good luck to you in all your goodwill endeavors.


Ecollywood: Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley, Jr.
Video: Ed Begley Jr. and Jeff Goldblum suggest ways to save money & help the planet.