Worldwide Electric Bikes shows off their wares at the Go Green Expo. MNN blogger Siel Ju gets the inside scoop.

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Siel: Hi, I’m Siel from Mother Nature Network and I’m here at the Go Green Expo with Steve from Worldwide Electric Bikes. Steve, tell us a little bit about your products.
Steve: Okay. All of our products are bicycles, they’re not scooters or motorcycles, that have electric motors attached. They use what is called a hub motor, consists of two rings of electromagnets. One is fixed on the axel. One surrounds it. When you put a charge to them, the surrounding motor can’t move away, so it spins. That’s how you get your motion. You have no belts, no spark plugs, no chains, no fuel. It’s totally magnetic that makes the motors turn. They’re powered by lithium batteries that have, they’re very good in terms of recycling. They’re not environmentally harmful like lead acid batteries. And they have a very long life. One of our lithium batteries will last about four times as long as the comparable lead acid batteries. The bikes have a lot of things for the commuter. You can use an electric bike to get where you want to go without arriving at work all sweaty or all tired, or if you want to go shopping. At the same time you get exercise because you do pedal along with it if you want. You do not necessarily have to. Okay. It takes six to eight hours to recharge the battery and depending on which model of bike or retrofit kit you use, you can get as far as 20 to 24 miles at about 20 miles an hour.

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