Bike-sharing systems have sprouted up all over the world. They provide easy access to various points in a city, and you get a little workout to boot. However, unless you bring your own helmet, you're not cycling in the safest way possible.

Enter the EcoHelmet.

Designed by Isis Shiffer, the EcoHelmet resembles accordion-ball Christmas tree ornaments. When opened to wear, the EcoHelmet sports a honeycomb appearance. "These [helmets] are quite sturdy and the honeycomb stalls are arranged in such a way that they can protect the head from a blow from any direction," Shiffer told the Guardian. The helmet is good for a few wears and can then be recycled. A completed version is expected to cost $5 a pop and sold at bike-sharing kiosks.

The helmet recently won the James Dyson Award, a prize awarded to those in college, or recently graduated, who have solved an industrial design problem in a unique way. Shiffer received $45,000 to continue developing her creation, and the money will go to figuring out how to make the helmet water-resistant and developing a mechanism to inform riders when it needs replacing.

Folding bike helmet could change cycling safety
The EcoHelmet may soon be sold at bike-sharing stands everywhere when you need a quick, recyclable helmet.