Join Danielle as she explores eco-alternatives to wedding transportation. (Nick Scott/MNN)


Danielle: For this week’s installment in our eco-wedding series, we’re gonna talk about transportation. I’m here with Aaron Bell with Revolution Rickshaws and he’s gonna tell us a little bit about the rickshaw option for getting to your wedding. So if a couple wanted to hire you for their wedding transportation, how would that work? Is this gonna break the bank from a budget perspective?

Aaron: Well, we sort of work with any sort of wedding. But it’s actually a very, when you compare limos and car services, we’re very competitive and we offer a really sort of charming something an extra event for a wedding.

Danielle: I mean, I absolutely love this idea for a wedding. It is totally zero impact. And it’s just like you said, it has this real sort of kitchy little, like a great little added flare to the whole experience of just getting from point A to point B. So let’s talk about actually getting from point A to point B. So if I am the bride and I come and I have my big wedding dress, is there even gonna be room for my groom on this seat?

Aaron: Of course.  We will always figure it out.

Danielle: You squeeze him in. You fit him in somehow. Okay. I like it. I like it.

Aaron: Yeah, we have little steps you can step up. Yeah and we rearrange the dress. Basically, yeah, calculate three people per bike and then--

Danielle: Three people in here?

Aaron: Yeah. Three people and except for the bride and groom.

Danielle: Right.

Aaron: That’s two people.

Danielle: Well, two people and a dress.

Aaron: Two people and a dress. So that’s three people.

Danielle: Exactly. For some brides, that’s three people. Will the drivers always look this dapper or do you have to actually, is that one of the things that a couple comes armed with? They need tome and say, all right, we would love for you to dress a certain way.

Aaron: That is sort of when you negotiate the deal. You say, this is what I want, how many bikes, ‘cause it’s not just the bride. It’s the whole party.

Danielle: Right.

Aaron: ‘Cause sometimes we do events where it’s five bikes to 20 bikes.

Danielle: You also will customize the bikes a little too, right? You’ll add a sign. Just married or this kind of thing.

Aaron: Just married. Basically, whatever you dream up. We can have it for the bikes. We can make that happen.

Danielle: Do you find that the couples are interested in working with you because they’re interested in reducing the impact of their wedding? Or is it more just kind of the cache?

Aaron: Well, it’s both, you know, it really is both. You know, a lot of people, a lot of the brides are really active in the green movement. And it also kind of breaks up the whole idea of the limo, you know, the black limo, the white limo.

Danielle: It feels very sort of 1983 at this point.

Aaron: Exactly. But then also if you have 10 petty cabs in a sort of petty cab parade, it really makes a statement.

Danielle: All right. Well, thank you so much. This is great.Aaron: Well, thank you and, yeah, we’ll see you at your wedding.

* * *

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The Green Party: A green spin on wedding transportation
Video: Join Danielle as she explores eco-alternatives to wedding transportation.