Pickup stuck on new Sellwood Bridge bike pathNew Sellwood Bridge day 1: Driver wedges their pickup between sidewalk barriers.
Posted by KATU News on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"This is why we can't have nice things."

That was the thought on every cyclist's mind as they pedaled up to the scene of a recently abandoned pick-up truck blocking the pedestrian/bike path of Portland's Sellwood Bridge. It's not uncommon for cyclists to encounter drivers illegally traveling or parking in bike paths, but this facepalm-worthy fail takes the cake.

According to local news station KATU, the new bridge had been open to traffic for a mere 12 hours before the truck was wedged between the cement barriers. After a bit of bewildered head-scratching, workers for the city temporarily closed bridge traffic and brought in a massive forklift to remove the truck.

The driver, who inexplicably fled the scene with her keys, later told police that she mistakenly drove up the wrong path and got stuck. It's unclear why she didn't call for help, but police say she has not been cited.

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Why you shouldn't drive your car in a bike path
A new bridge in Portland had been opened for just 12 hours before someone drove their pick-up truck through bike path and got stuck.