Do you love sunflower butter and wish it came in chocolate cups, Reese’s style? It does — and it's organic and fair trade certified, too!

Called Sun Cups, these sunflower butter chocolate cups come in both dark and milk chocolate versions. I tried a dark chocolate cup and loved how the bitterness of the semi-sweet fair trade chocolate mixed with with creamy center — a smooth combo of sunflower seed butter and white chocolate. Here’s Cybele’s take on them at Candy Blog:

The Dark Chocolate Sun Cups smell like semi-sweet chocolate — a little bit woodsy and fruity. The chocolate is actually rather dark and bitter and though it’s vegan (no milkfat) the cups overall aren’t because of the dairy in the white chocolate & sunflower center. The sunflower butter isn’t very sweet, so the whole cup has a much more savory appeal to it. There’s a grassy note to the sunflower which reminds me a little of jasmine tea and tahini.
sun cups

For those with allergies, Sun Cups are both nut-free and gluten-free, but not dairy-free — sorry vegans. They’re made by Seth Ellis Chocolatier in Boulder, Colo., and come two per package. Apparently, the packages are compostable in a home composter! I’m hoping someone with a home composter will try this and see how long the colorful packaging takes to break down.

sun cups

Find them on Amazon and other Web stores and in some Whole Foods stores for about $2 a two-pack — or nab them now at Cost Plus World Market where they’re on sale for 25 cents a two-pack, at least at the Third and Fairfax location in Los Angeles. Get them while they last.

Buttery chocolate cups for the nut allergic
MNN's lifestyle blogger raves about a fair trade, organic alternative to Reese's peanut butter cups. Sunflower seed butter fans will love these treats.