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10 of the best pets for allergy sufferers

By: Katherine Butler on July 21, 2011, 10:55 a.m.
devon rex cat

Photo: glenngould/flickr

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Devon rex cat

The Devon rex, first spotted in 1960 living in Devon, England, has a short, rippling coat made of down fur. As some experts point out, “the Devon rex is also a good potential choice for people who are allergic to cats. While no cat can be truly hypoallergenic, many people with allergies to cats discover they can live comfortably with a Devon rex.” Cats tend to irritate people with pet allergies more than dogs. First, they spend more time in close contact with people. Second, as their saliva contains proteins that act as allergens, cats can cause allergic reactions simply because they lick their fur more than dogs. But as the Devon rex has less fur than some other breeds, they aren’t required to clean themselves so frequently.