These days, there are plenty of tasty options for the allergy-sensitive pup. Cloud Star, one of our favorite earth-friendly pet company, makes tasty dog goodies without all the corn, soy, dairy, artificial flavors or colors, byproducts, preservatives, or salt often found in other doggie snacks. Your dog will drool over the Tender Jerky Strips, which come in lightly seasoned cuts of slow-backed beef, chicken or pork.

Onesta Organics, a California-based company, also offers hypoallergenic, USDA-certified organic dog treats free of byproducts, artificial preservatives, and colors. Dogs will love the banana-flavored treats, and you’ll love that they contain quality whole foods, not just a lot of empty calories. Onesta handcraft in small batches to assure freshness, safety and superb quality.

Story by Jessica A. Knoblauch. This article originally appeared in Plenty in August 2008. This story was added to

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Allergy-sensitive pups have tasty options
Cloud Star and Onesta Organics make doggy treats to relieve your worry about the ingredients which could cause reactions in your animal.