It's New Year's Resolution time again.  Time to make a list of all of the organization plans, weight loss goals, and life accomplishments you want to achieve this year.  One of the biggies on my list this year is to finally organize my family's medical records so that I can instantly check - without having to wait a week to hear back from the doctor's office - the status of everybody's last immunizations, growth charts, surgery dates, and so on.



Sure, I have a general idea of these things already, but each time I have to fill out a form, or pick up a medication, I find myself questioning my memory and calling the doctor's office to double check.   In addition to preventing medical errors and medication mistakes, having organized family medical records can help reveal patterns of illness and may lead to early detection if something bigger and more sinister is at the root of the latest symptoms.  Plus, it will just make me feel more on top of things if I can keep track of things like growth changes, immunizations, allergy symptoms, and appointments without trusting my fuzzy memory.

So whether you like to stay connected, or keep your records offline, here are five great ways to organize those medical records:

My Family Health Portrait.  This web portal is sponsored by the Surgeon General as a way for families to get organized about their health.  You can plug in family history and medical information and then save it to your computer or print it out for your next doctor's visit.  

Cost: Free

MyMediConnect. This site is easy to use and has some nice features for staying organized including medication and appointment reminders and a wellness tracker.  And you can even request that they obtain your medical records for you.  
Cost: Free 

MotherKnows. Another great site for organizing medical records, MotherKnows collects your records from any medical provider and converts them into personalized health records complete with graphic displays of immunizations, growth charts, and medications.  There's even an iPhone app version so that you can access your records and data anytime.

Cost: Plans range from $19-$98 per year

Your Family Health Organizer by Jodie Pappas. Don't want your medical records online?  This ring-bound medical record organizer accommodates up to two adults and three children. The book includes separate sections for each family member and a place to tracks kid's growth history, appointments, medications, and hospital stays. 
Cost: $19.95

DIY family medical journal.  Of course, you don't need a fancy website or a fancy book to track your family's info.  A pencil and paper will do the trick just as well.  This tutorial has some great info about what you should include in your family's medical journal.  

Happy organizing!

5 ways to organize family medical records
From web tools to three-ring binders, here are 5 great ways to organize your family's medical information.