If you like to make your fair trade coffee Irish, I’m guessing you’ll like your beer made fair trade, too! Peak Organic Brewing in Portland, Maine, has made the first fair trade certified beer: Peak Organic Brewing Company’s Espresso Amber Ale.

No, the beer itself wasn’t made in a far-off country. The fair trade ingredient in the beer’s the espresso, a dark Sumatran coffee blend roasted locally by a Maine company called Coffee by Design. That local roast was then combined with local beer to create the Espresso Amber Ale.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet been able to taste this beer because it’s only available in stores in the Northeast. I guess they’re keeping it local! Next time I’m in Maine — which would be the first time I’m in Maine — I look forward to trying this local, organic, and fair trade brew — and enjoying its caffeinated buzz. If you’re in the Northeast, try one and tell us what you think of the beer!

Image: Courtesy Peak Organic