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We’ve got quite a few Daily Candy-esque eco-emails now, ranging from Ideal Bite to Healthy Bitch Daily, but Vital Juice’s unique feature is that it starts from a health perspective — an angle that often leads to sustainable living tips on fitness, nutrition, beauty and wellness.

After all, eco-living doesn’t just benefit the environment. In fact, many people — including myself — go green for mostly selfish reasons: improved health, money savings from reusing and reducing, a less hectic lifestyle, love of clean air….

Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh of Vital Juice DailyIn addition to an “everywhere” version, Angelenos and New Yorkers can get city-specific tips. Vital Juice Los Angeles tips are written by Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh (right), who introduced me to Golden Mean Vegan Cafe (here’s her review of the restaurant).

Jamie keeps healthy by yoga-ing regularly — and by trying out all the fun and crazy fitness classes — from Diva Dance to No Limit Kettlebell Bootcamp — she writes about. If you’re tired of your usual workout routine, sign up for Vital Juice to get you moving.

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