Does your SPF 15 lip balm actually protect your lips from sunburn? That’s info you can now find out thanks to the new and improved 2009 Sunscreen Guide from Environmental Working Group. This year, lip balm data’s been added to the guide — a much needed addition, since many lip balms apparently don’t quite do their job.

Hundreds of products with sunscreens are evaluated and rated for UVA and UVB protection, safety of ingredients, and product stability. But to make things easy for you, EWG’s also put together top 10 lists of the best sunscreens — as well as the best moisturizers and lip balms with SPF.

And to further simplify things, a handy PDF 1-pager has a list of the 9 best easy-to-find sunscreens (PDF) along with label-reading tips and sunscreen use recommendations. Take it to a store near you to get the sun protection you need without the dangerous chemicals.

A guide to safe, effective sunscreens
Environmental Working Group's 2009 Sunscreen Guide lists the top easy-to-find sunscreens to keep you safe and healthy this summer.