How would you like to take 33 yoga classes — all for $30? That’s the type of sweet deal Passport to Prana is offering for yogis in urban areas across the country. Buy a $30 annual pass from Passport to Prana, and you’ll get to take a free class at each participating yoga studio. In L.A., that would be 33 studios!

Considering the fact that at YogaPoser, one of the participating L.A. studios, a single class costs $20, $30 for a free class at each 33 studios sounds like a great deal — and a great way to check out a few dozen studios before settling on one you like. Of course, those studios are spread out throughout the metropolis, all the way from Silver Lake to Long Beach — so getting to all those far-flung studios could be rather carbon-intensive.

Perhaps you’ll develop strong cycling skills — or discover the full breadth of L.A.’s public transit system while discovering its yoga studios. Passport to Prana passes are available in 14 different cities from Seattle to Miami to Philadelphia; see if your city’s one of the lucky ones and get your om on this spring.

A passport to yoga in the city
For $30, you can get an annual pass that lets you try a free class at dozens of yoga studios in your city.