As part of Alec Baldwin's recent shift to a healthier lifestyle, the actor turned to yoga to help relax his mind and stretch his body. Coupled with more regular visits to the gym and a drop in junk food and sweets, the diet helped the 54-year-old lose more than 30 pounds in four months


Of course, it helps that Baldwin's new fiancé, Hilaria Thomas, is extremely health conscious and a professional yoga instructor. In a new video snapshot with The Hollywood Reporter, the "30 Rock" star credits Thomas with guiding him towards better health — while also showing off some of his new yoga moves for the camera. 


"Everyone wants to be with someone who eats and drinks and is compatible with them in that way," he says in the  clip. "I'm with someone who is very, very, very healthy." 


Great to see it rubbing off on Alec. Check out the clip below! 


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