While most actors get into shape simply to portray the physicality of being a superhero, after watching "Arrow" star Stephen Amell's new workout video, I'm convinced he is a superhero. 

The 33-year-old, who plays the crimefighter Green Arrow in the hit CW series, is known for being in excellent physical shape. Judging from this video, however, Amell's workout routines go beyond the repetitious and instead embrace a kind of parkour training circuit. 

"I don't do weights that often," he told Men's Fitness. "I really enjoy running. I really enjoy a lot of body resistance stuff. So I do a lot of chin-ups, weird different types of pull-ups, abdominal work, pushups, hand-stand pushups, tricep pushups, balancing exercises and planking.

"The most impressive things I can do on the show is when I can manipulate my own body weight," he adds. "And that really is the true test of strength. I'm much more impressed if someone can do 30 pull-ups than bench 300lbs. Because one has an actual application in the real world and theoretically, the other is just for show."

Check out Amell in action in his recently posted "Superhero Workout #1." Season three of "Arrow" is expected to premier later this year. 

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'Arrow' star Stephen Amell posts crazy superhero workout online
Actor's training circuit is not your typical gym routine.