Talk about striking a chord; when photographer Jade Beall of Tuscon, Arizona posted a black-and-white photograph of her friend's stomach embraced by her two daughters on her photography studio's Facebook page, it went viral. Beall had already been posting images of her own body post-baby, and after hearing from thousands of women, she decided to turn her photographs into a book of unretouched photographs of women's bodies. Her first volume focuses on mothers' bodies. 

"A Beautiful Body project is going to be a book of 100 or more black & white photographs of mothers. Each photograph will be accompanied by an essay, a narrative or a poem written by the women in the photograph exploring her personal journey with what beauty and feeling beautiful in a culture that alters over 90% of all media means to her."

Beall is one of a growing number of women who are frustrated by the tyranny of "perfect" images of women that are unrealistic (and sometimes altered significantly, but distributed as real). 


Beall and her project have been featured by the BBC, the "Today" show (above) and more, and her Kickstarter page is at almost triple the money she needed to fund the project. What's next? 

"My intention is for this book to be successful so that I can continue on photographing and creating other ‘A Beautiful Body’ volumes such as beautiful women facing aging, beautiful women dealing with cancer, beautiful young women facing eating disorders and beyond," says Beall.

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