Freeze-dried fruit lovers: I’ve got an eco-ethical chocolate bar for you. Divine Chocolate’s 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries!

This rich dark chocolate bar’s studded with bright pink freeze dried raspberry granules that gives each square a sweetly tart fruity punch. Unlike the moist fresh fruitiness in Coco Zen’s truffles or the thick chewiness of most dried fruits, the freeze dried raspberry granules are little light airy morsels that seem to disappear in a little burst of tart flavor. The surprising effect had one dinner guest — we shared the chocolate bar for dessert — calling the chocolate bar astronaut food!

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Astronauts would be lucky to have this decadent chocolate in their spaceship. As with all Divine Chocolate’s delicacies, the Dark Chocolate with Raspberries is made with fair trade cocoa, grown and harvested by a co-op of farmers in Ghana. In fact, the cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla used in this chocolate bar is fair trade too — making the bar 96 percent fair trade certified.

Both berries and chocolate, as you know, are full of antioxidants — so if your New Year’s resolution is to enjoy more antioxidant rich foods, try your luck on winning a basketful of Divine Chocolate treats by letting the company know what your favorite Divine Chocolate is by Dec. 26. You can also stock up with a 3-pack of these bars for $10.79 from Divine’s web store, or buy the treats by the bar at Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and many other local stores.

Berry decadent dark chocolate
Divine Chocolate's fair trade 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries combines rich chocolate decadence with tart fruity flavors.