Addressing fans on Saturday night during her concert at Revel Beach's Ovation Hall in Atlantic City, Beyonce Knowles took a moment to celebrate her new look.


"Y'all have no idea how hard I worked!" the Associated Press quotes the 30-year-old new mom as saying. "I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!"


Since giving birth in January to Blue Ivy, Knowles has been adamant about regaining her pre-pregnancy figure; something many celebrities are pressured by the media into achieving right away. But for those new moms down on themselves for not getting similar results, remember this: Beyonce is crazy rich, with crazy support to make something like this possible.


According to, the singer moved her personal trainer into her home to assist her with twice-a-day, two-hour workouts. "Beyonce and Marco are up at 5 a.m. for a two-hour workout, and they do it again at 5 p.m.," says the source. "They do a mix of cardio, Pilates, plyometrics, yoga and, of course, dance."


Her diet? A mix of "protein shakes, egg-white omelets, pineapple chunks and lots of ice-cold water." And apparently lettuce, too.


Want to achieve similar results over a more sane period of time? A diet rich in vegetables and fruit, combined with regular physical exercise (once possible) is key. MNN has many more tips (including getting more sleep) that can help any new mom here.


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