Bicyclists in Berlin can cash in on their eco-friendly two-wheeling ways -- at a brothel called Maison d'envie.

berlin by you.

Arrive by bike, and patrons get 5 euros off the 70-euro fee for 45-minute sessions. According to Reuters, Maison d'Envie' owner Thomas Goetz says 3-5 new customers are taking advantage of the green deal every day -- while reducing traffic and parking congestion (via Freakonomics). Prostitution's legal in Germany.

Though perhaps an innovative idea for a brothel, offering bicycling discounts is nothing new. In L.A., cyclists get free bus and train rides dring Bike to Work Wee, for example. I do think more stores and companies should start offering these discounts though. Maybe they too will start attracting 3-5 new customers a day ...

Photo: welu-berlin / Flicker

Bike thee to a brothel
A Berlin brothel owner says his business is attracting 3 to 5 new customers a day, thanks to a discount for bicyclists.