Bike to Work Week continues! Have you been cycling to work this week? Here are some inspiring links to get you on your bike if you're not on it already --

>> Street art meets bicycles in Berlin. “‘Paperboys and papergirls’ go around the city on bicycles bestowing wrapped packages of art pieces - prints, posters, etc. - onto unsuspecting passerby.”

>> Everyday's Bike to Work Day in Vauban, Germany, according to TriplePundit. Why? Carowners don't have it easy in this suburb, which has rules that "restrict automobiles on all but just main street and a few byways in and around town. Residents can own a car, but they must park it at the edge of town and pay a staggering $40,000 for a spot."

>> Share your bike life inspirations. A new blog called Change Your Life. Ride a Bike! wants to hear about how biking changed your life. "Why do you ride? Where has riding taken you? How do you tackle the challenges of where you live to keep riding? Did you meet your spouse on a bike? Did you use one to get away after sneaking out of the house at night? Share your adventure with the rest of us."

Bike to Work Week inspirations
Bike to Work Week continues! Don't miss out on the eco-traveling fun -- Get inspired to get on your bike.