In an effort to compliment the beneficial changes he's made to his physical well-being, former President Bill Clinton is addressing his inner mental health as well. 


RadarOnline recently reported that 66-year-old is taking private classes from a Buddhist monk to better relax his mind and body and reduce stress. In 2010, after suffering various health scares and heart surgeries, Clinton shifted to a plant-based diet, dropping 24 pounds and crediting the change with saving his life. 


"When I had my second heart incident [in 2010] and I had the stents put in, I had passed all my physicals, I was doing great, but I was still building up plaque in my arteries," he told CNN. "So I decided that I wanted to see if I could live to be a grandfather, so I just went all the way."


A source told Radar that Clinton's move towards meditation is yet another way he's improving his overall health. 


“He has a hectic life, he travels a lot on business as an ambassador for the U.S. and needs something to keep him sane.


“Meditation offers him that, he has a mantra that he likes to chant, and after every session he feels transformed and full of positive energy. It’s definitely doing him the world of good — he feels fitter and stronger than ever,” the source added. 


According to WebMD, studies have shown that meditation not only lowers blood pressure but also can strengthen your immune system. To learn more about the practice and give it a try yourself, check out MNN's Meditation for Beginners tip sheet


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Bill Clinton embraces Buddhist meditation
Former President Bill Clinton is said to be taking private classes from a Buddhist monk to better relax his mind and body.