The word biodynamic tends to have a crunchy image attached to it, but when it comes to wine, biodynamic means delicious. That’s according to Steven Kolpan, professor and chair of Wine Studies at The Culinary Institute of America and author of WineWise. In Salon, Steven proclaims that “biodynamic wines have the flavor of devotion“:

No matter what you think of biodynamics (and I advocate it for the way it promotes environmental sustainability and stewardship of the land), the fact of the matter is that its complexities necessitate extraordinary care, and that level of care, when applied by skilled winemakers, almost always produces great wines.
Steven goes on to recommend a fairly lengthy list of biodynamic wines, ranging from Benziger Sonoma Mountain Estate in California to Château de Sourande Quarts du Chaume from France’s Loire Valley to Emiliana “Natura” Carmenère from Chile.

Not sure what biodynamic wine is, and how it differs from organic wine? An MNN story earlier today looks into whether organic or biodynamic certification makes for the greenest wines.

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