3886796225 90b486e46e m mnn bioneers“Like TED but all green,” is how many environmentalists describe the Bioneers Conference, an event that brings together out-of-the-box eco thinkers, green visionaries, and environmental leaders to attack head-on our most serious environmental problems.

And this year, I’m planning to finally make it to the 20th anniversary of the annual event, happening Oct. 16-18 in San Rafael, Calif. Eco-luminaries like Michael Pollan — who’s coming out with a new youth version of his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma — and Annie Leonard of “The Story of Stuff” fame will speak — alongside a host of other environmental thinkers discussing everything from “Busting the Drug War” to “Visualizing Your Cause on Google Earth.”

Evenings will be dedicated to movie screenings, parties, dancing and socializing. Plus there’ll be fun conference-not-as-usual activities, like herb walks and a seed exchange. And for those who need more than just three days, pre-conference and post-conference intensives will be offered on Oct. 14 and 19.

Conference tickets cost $410 for the whole weekend or $160 a day — less for Bioneers members, who can also apply for partial scholarships. Can’t afford the ticket, or can't take the time away? Then catch Bioneers via the Beaming Bioneers program and participate in the event live via satellite feed. Find a Beaming Bioneers partner near you — or get your local community group to sign up as a partner!

Image courtesy of Bioneers

Bioneers: Where innovative eco-solutions converge
The 20th Bioneers Conference brings together today's eco-visionaries to tackle the most pressing environmental issues.