A new study has found that increases in weight are linked to increases in the recurrence of breast cancer. The study found that regardless of the treatment method used, including chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, women with a higher body mass index, or BMI, had a significantly higher risk of breast cancer recurrence and even death from breast cancer.


For the study, published in the most recent issue of the journal Cancer, researchers at New York's Montefiore Medical Center evaluated the BMIs of women who were currently being treated for breast cancer.  They found that women with higher BMIs also had a greater risk of developing breast cancer again after treatment. In addition, women who were considered obese at the time of their breast cancer diagnosis were almost 50 percent more likely to die from the disease than those who were of normal weight when they were diagnosed.


The theory is that the extra fat causes hormonal changes and inflammation that made it harder for the women to fend off the disease. The type of breast cancer evaluated in this study was hormone receptor-positive, the most common type of breast cancer that makes up roughly two-thirds of all breast cancer cases in the United States and around the world.


For more explanation of this study and the link between weight and breast cancer, check out this video:


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Source: ABC News

Breast cancer recurrence risk increases with weight
New study finds that women with higher BMIs have a greater risk of having breast cancer again, even after treatment.